Your Action Plan is like a virtual to-do list that shows you the specific steps to take to achieve your goals.

In your Action Plan, you’ll take a look at the items that are not fully in place at your site and choose a few to work on this year.  We provide tools, resources, trainings and implementation strategies to help you accomplish these best practices.

Follow the steps below to get the most out of your Action Plan.

Step 1: Choose best practices/goals to work on (most sites do best when working on 1-5 best practices at a time). If you need help getting started, check out our quick on-demand video on Creating an Action Plan.

Step 2: Review our implementation strategies, examples and resources. Consider downloading our Word or PDF Action Plan Template so you can add more detail to your plan.

Step 3: Take notes on how you plan to implement healthy changes to meet this best practice.

Step 4: Revisit, review and revise! Update your progress, add more notes or mark an item complete to automatically update your Healthy Out-of-School Time Assessment.

Step 5: Add new items to your Action Plan as you complete other items! Share your progress with staff, parents, youth, and community members by posting on our Action Plan Poster.

Tips for Easy Action Planning