Ready for a Healthy Spring Break Adventure? 5 Days of Activities

posted on Mon, Mar 16 2015 12:00 pm by Daniel W. Hatcher, National Healthy Out-of-School Time Advisor

If you’re like many of our Healthy Out-of-School Time sites, spring break changes up your schedule. Perhaps your day is starting early, running long or includes more time for family engagement. Don’t sweat a schedule change, use it to your advantage to help your kids eat better and move more.

Here are five days of ideas. Mix and match the ideas for a fun and healthy week. Have your own idea? Tweet it to us using @healthiergen.

Day One: Breathe Deep and Get Outside

  • Gather extra paper from your supply closest and create nature journals.
  • Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt and identify tree bark and birds. Don’t forget to take a few breaks for some fun games.
  • Fill your journal with things you see. Encourage children to pick something they saw and create presentations for other students. Build public speaking skills and reinforce science concepts. Make dioramas for bird or animal habitats.
  • Have a garden nearby? Explore it and think about how gardens relate to food. Did you know the Alliance Resource Database has gardening resources? Just search "garden."
  • Encourage children to take their journal home and lead their family on their own adventure.

Day Two: Take Your Outdoor Adventure Inside and Go on a Grocery Store Visit

  • Fast forward to page 63 of empowerME4Life. You’ll find everything you need to take children on a fun grocery store trip, complete with activities like exploring new fruits and vegetables. Can’t make it to a real store? Work with your students to create a mock store. Give a tour to others at your site.

Day Three: Compare Your Local Adventures to Global Issues

  • Use our river activity to help children think about contributing factors to health in their community. Explore the “tributaries” that your students identify. Encourage students to break into groups and research topics to share with the entire class. Perhaps even stage your own Youth-Hosted Forum for your OST site and families.

Day Four: Bring it Back Home with Crafty Hands-On Activities

Day Five: Champion Local Change and Lead a Healthy Site Makeover

  • Take your students on a tour of your entire OST site. Work together to identify ways to make healthy eating and activity more visible. Find a place for a new healthy message bulletin board. Create and hang motivational stairwell signs. Give your water fountains a fun makeover. Create an indoor fitness trail. Why not kick off your healthy site makeover during Spring Break and make a healthy change every week to build up to your summer programming?