6 Steps to Save Your Site from a Scorching Summer

posted on Tue, Jul 21 2015 5:00 am by Daniel W. Hatcher, National Healthy Out-of-School Time Advisor

The hot summer months can make it challenging to stay active.

  1. Pick a seasonal fruit and make your own silly water. Maybe even do a taste test with students at your program site. If you’re a program facilitator or teacher, fill your own personal water bottle to model for your students. Freeze fruits the night before to have your own tasty and colorful ice cubes.

  1. Cool down with a yoga breakit only takes a few minutes. Get your staff together before your program day starts and create time for some peaceful teambuilding. If you serve summer meals and lead enrichment at your site, encourage staff to stop and reflect on the importance of such programs.

  1. Avoid the sun and play fun indoor games by searching the Playworks Game Library. Ask older youth to pick out and lead their favorite games. Maybe even create your own personalized scrapbook of favorite games. Include pictures to make it even more special.

  1. Practice summer sun safety and get others involved by reading and sharing our summer Walk the Talk Newsletter. Create your own version as a staff bulletin board or send-home for families.

  1. Too hot to celebrate holidays and birthdays outdoors? Don’t fall into the unhealthy celebration trap. Try these alternatives. Never use screen time as a reward. Here are 8 tips to “flip the switch.”

  2. Stay active when the sun goes down. Download a constellation viewing application for your phone and hit your local park or find a location away from city lights. Encourage families to go on a stargazing adventure and invite children to draw pictures of what they see. What a fun way to explore topics like space, mythology and weather!