New Resource: Model Out-of-School Wellness Policy Language

posted on Mon, Apr 4 2016 9:56 am by Daniel W. Hatcher, National Out-of-School Advisor

Consider these three questions:

  1. What happens when there is staff turnover at your site or program?
  2. What happens if your key staff wellness champion moves into a different role?
  3. What happens when volunteer summer program staff aren’t fully aware of your year-round healthy out-of-school time efforts?

The answer to all three questions... Some of your amazing progress is lost.

In addition to the National AfterSchool Association Standards and our online tools, this NEW written document provides language that can be adopted and integrated into staff training and manuals. This organizational policy language should also be posted and shared with families so they know your commitment to health.

Maybe you're asking yourself, how do I best use this document?

Our intention is to provide easy to adopt language that you can implement as you see fit. Use the entire document or pull from it as desired.

Not sure where to get started and need additional help? Reach out to our Advisor Michelle.

Need inspiration? Read our recent interview with Ft. Wayne Parks and Recreation on how they've adopted wellness policies.