New Resource for Addressing Food Waste in Out-of-School Time Programs

posted on Wed, Feb 15 2017 12:00 pm by Daniel W. Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships

Today's blog post is a guest article by my colleague Ava Young DeBovis who supports our implementation efforts with the National Recreation and Park Association.


Every day afterschool staff are faced with kids who are not sure where their next meal is coming from and those who have less than ideal eating habits. For many organizations, offering nutritious snacks and meals during their programming hours helps address both of these concerns.

I'm sure you've been conflicted by wasted food.

Could that food have gone to someone else who was hungry?
How much did that apple cost?
Should we even try to serve healthy options if kids won’t eat them?

That is why I was excited to learn about a new resource from the National Recreation and Park Association and the Public Health Law Center, Reducing Food Waste in Out-of-School Time. This easy-to-read guide provides strategies for reducing food waste at sites that participate in federal nutrition programs, and includes guidance on adhering to state and local policies, assessing food waste within your programs, resources and tools for reducing the amount of waste generated and successful examples from local park and recreation agencies.

See below for a taste of what the guide has to offer!


Thanks Ava for sharing this new resource!

Did you know the new CACFP meal pattern includes language on student choice to avoid food waste? Check out a new resource by FRAC and the Alliance.

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