Act Local & Impact Global, a Trip to my Community Garden

posted on Thu, Apr 13 2017 10:24 pm by Daniel W. Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships

As we discussed during last night's #GlobalEdChat, gardens can be inspiring! Yesterday, for a physical activity break, I walked to Bruce Monroe Community Garden, here in the District of Columbia. Below are 4 take-a-ways from my visit.

1.    Creating a Welcoming Space Can Be Simple

Bruce Monroe Garden sits above the street and out of sight. The first sign of something special is a large colorful mural beneath the steps to the garden. The mural is a simple welcoming feature.

2.    Linkages and Extensions are Important

In the middle of the garden is a Little Free Library. Several of the community garden plots are shared plots and ample signage welcomes you to taste and sample from those plots. Free books and free produce ensures anyone can appreciate the garden.

The garden also features a compost bin that is part of the DC Community Compost Cooperative Network. This network provides opportunities for community members to contribute to reducing waste.

3.    Community Can't Exist Without Unity

Bruce Monroe Garden was created by community members in collaboration with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation. From design to build to upkeep, community members have come together to create a resource that anyone can enjoy.

4.    Act Local & Impact Global

Bruce Monroe Garden is pretty small, but there is opportunity to address a lot of challenges in a small plot of land – food insecurity, inclusion, literacy, environment and community-building. As we explored during the #GlobalEd chat, digging your hands into a little soil does way more than just till the earth, it exposes us (and children) to global challenges that can only be solved if we take action.


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