Create a Kinder World This Weekend: 2 New Resources

posted on Fri, Sep 15 2017 8:00 am by Daniel W. Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships

This week I attended the release of The Evidence Base for How We Learn: Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development hosted by The Aspen Institute. It was an amazing day of consensus building. I tweeted throughout the event and you can see more in my Twitter “moment.”

The report is a must-read.

My key take-a-way: we must double down on our dedication to engaging our entire community in designing learning spaces that intentionally integrate social, emotional and academic development.

The recent hurricanes demonstrate the important role that afterschool plays in helping students and families thrive in challenging situations.

This week I spoke with my colleague Julia who leads our South Florida afterschool efforts.

One of Julia's observations was “Folks are stressed. It seems like everyone would be well-served to have some time for telling their stories, connecting with other communities … and engaging in some stress management.”

Julia also shared an article with me, Hurricane Irma: Easing Children Through the Aftermath written by The Children’s Trust. One particular tip resonated with me:

“Point out the good… remind your children that in times of great trouble, people offer helping hands and band together to help each other through.”

Listening to Julia and reflecting on the new document, it seems more important than ever that those of us engaged in the healthy afterschool movement make kindness an intuitive and natural part of everything we do.

From fitness breaks that promote cooperation to fostering dialogue while learning to prepare a healthy snack, how can we ensure all of our actions and activities are done with love?

What are your ideas? Feel free to e-mail me or tweet to me.

This weekend if you're searching for an opportunity to create a kinder world, consider working with youth in your community to apply for a Be Fearless Be Kind grant. Applications should support youth-led service projects that take place between now and December 15. Applications will be accepted until October 31.