Be a Bulletin Board Boss, 7 Ideas to Try

posted on Fri, Oct 6 2017 12:00 pm by Daniel W. Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships

Look around, why not turn the nearest boring and bland wall into a dynamic space that encourages staff wellness and social connectedness?

Last week at the National Recreation and Park Association conference, I presented a session called Healthy Office and Break Room Makeover. During the session we broke into small groups to brainstorm ideas based on my BOOST Breakfast Club article, Makeover Ideas for Your Office and Breakroom.

One of the ideas: bulletin boards!

Below is a checklist (crowdsourced from my session) to help you create an engaging bulletin board that supports your afterschool wellness goals. I’ve included resource links to ensure you have a steady stream of fresh content.

Start With a Blank Wall and a Question

Pair a colorful border with a simple question in big letters, “What would you like to see here?” Find out what staff want to see and read. Add a suggestion box and a stack of index cards to so it is easy for staff to comment.

Focus on the Positive

From Instagram quotes to motivational Pinterest posts, make your board a source of inspiration. Use Afterschool Alliance infographics to remind staff of the need for afterschool programs and the important role they play as afterschool leaders.

Keep It Fresh

Set the expectation that content on your board will be regularly updated. Use themes like “DIY snack recipe of the week,” "food or fruit of the month," or “healthy tip of the day.” Our Healthier Generation employee wellness newsletters have everything you need to get started.

Get Everyone Involved

Create a "maker" schedule and encourage staff to work together to refresh the board on a regular basis. A simple wellness bulletin board is a tangible activity to mentor new staff and share the importance of your healthy afterschool goals. Spread the word! Create a digital version for your newsletter and social media.

Connect the Dots

Post volunteer opportunities, important site updates and upcoming events to keep all employees up-to-date on your activities. How can you engage admin and custodial staff in your programmatic work? If you are hosting a potluck or gathering, use our sign-up printable to invite everyone to participate.

Make it Fun

From staff walking challenges to a “question of the week,” use your board to motivate staff and promote fun group physical activity. Don’t forget to hang a few Staff Fitness Breaks for simple energizer ideas. Even five minutes can help your staff be healthier and happier.

Foster Appreciation

In addition to fun questions, tips and inspiration, include an appreciation wall. Invite staff to share notes of gratitude for one another and give "kudos."

To make the healthy afterschool movement sustainable, we have to use everything available ... even our walls!

What are your ideas? Tweet me a picture of your bulletin board using @hatchdw.


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