What is Healthy Out-of-School Time?

Our Healthy Out-of-School Time initiative provides out-of-school time providers with a science-based framework that helps programs create environments where youth are encouraged to eat healthier and move more.

Afterschool programs, community centers, summer camps, faith-based organizations and other out-of-school time settings are supporting the healthy development of our nation’s young people. Our initiative works to support the staff, families, and youth at sites around the county in their efforts to help young people make healthy life choices.

Our Framework, based on the National AfterSchool Association’s Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards, provides out-of-school time settings the tools and resources they need to build healthier places and engage youth in making healthy decisions.

Take the tour on why healthy out-of-school time matters and watch our video below to see how one city is making health a priority.

Help create healthy out-of-school time settings for youth across the country!

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